We believe beautiful hair should not sacrifice our health or well being.

Our search for green and nurturing hair products led us to sublime and organic hair care lines. These modern-meets-nature products balance performance and a natural approach to hair care. They are certified organic and shun ammonia, parabens, and artificially fragrances.

Our salon vision started with selecting non-toxic alternatives and blossomed into our inside-out approach to beauty. The combination of Blow Me Away stylists, quality products, and Japanese style for hair and scalp health offers unique salon services. Step into Blow Me Away to be immersed in a relaxing, indulgent, and natural experience.


My goal is to keep your hair soft, shiny and healthy by allowing your inner beauty to shine through.

- Sayaka Lee, Owner


With over a decade of experience and a passion for natural hair techniques, I bring my experience as a top stylist and salon owner in Japan to Los Angeles.  I share my training and unique techniques for scalp care and Head Spa method. This sought after process eases stress, relieves sleeplessness, and provides anti-aging benefits