The ultimate treatment for your hair and scalp.

Come experience our Head Spa! We deep clean, detox, massage, and stimulate blood circulation — the health of your hair is a reflection of the scalp, like plants in soil.

Our custom head spa programs address a variety of needs ranging from dry scalp, itchy scalp, oily scalp, clogged follicles, irritation, thin hair, and hair loss. Only organic products and techniques are designed and used to fit your scalp and hair concerns. Relax in one of our private head spa rooms featuring cushy ergonomic recliners that extend to a flat bed.

Watch our POPSUGAR video to see how our full treatment works!



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   Scalp Analysis

Specialized Scalp Analysis using our magnifier allows us to see the health condition of the scalp.







Nothing creates a more profound,  impression than an experience with an essential cloud diffuser.

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We steam the scalp to remove build up and deep clean pores.





Massage & Shampoo

Our soothing head massage promotes blood flow throughout the body.




Organic Hair Treatment Mask

100% biodynamic plant based hair treatment nourishes the scalp.

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Herbal Tea Ritual 

An aromatic herbal tea served to complete the session.



Our head spa products are 100% certified organic derived from plants free of chemical substances. 

We work exclusively with Oway products which are derived from plants farmed using the renowned method of biodynamics. Plants grow chemical free and are rich in active ingredients and nutrients. 


Already after only a handful of treatments, I’m beginning to see the evidence of actual improvement of hair growth and my scalp feels AMAZING! Headspa technicians at Blow Me Away are excellent and innovative. I can’t recommend them and their techniques highly enough! 
— Shiva A.